Wine Folly: Magnum Edition : The Master Guide

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Wine Folly: Magnum Edition : The Master Guide

Want to pick the perfect wine for dinner? Red, white or Rose? Dry or Fruity? Spanish or Portuguese? Become the expert with Wine Folly's Magnum Edition: The Master Guide. It will take your appreciation and understanding of wine to the next level. 'For anyone who's ever wished they knew more about wine, this jargon-free visual guide will effortlessly teach you all you need to know to bluff your way through a wine list, taste like a pro, or pick the perfect accompaniment to a meal' - Good Housekeeping Wine Folly introduced a whole new audience to the world of wine, making it easy for complete beginners to understand the fundamentals thanks to their straightforward advice, simple explanatory graphics and practical wine-tasting tips. Now they are back with plenty more eye-catching visuals and easy-to-grasp advice that the brand has become known for. Wine Folly Deluxe comes complete with a fresh look, twice as much information on regions, and a profusion of new and alternative wine styles. With its simple and practical answers to all your wine questions and curiosities - red or white? Light or bold? Spanish or Portuguese? - it's the perfect guide for anyone looking to expand their expertise and an ideal gift for the oenophile in your life.

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The only wine book you will ever need I can thoroughly recommend Wine Folly to all, from the novice to the expert. I had the original version which was fundamental to my wine education and purchased this newer version out of curiosity. I am very glad I did, it is a complete rework of the original, with vastly more information. You will find yourself doing into the book again and again. If you only ever buy one book about wine, buy this one.
comprehensive wine info easy to find due to design/visual display Excellent book with comprehensive and very easy to find information on all wines, grapes, and regions of the worlds, plus wine tasting/storage/pairing with food basics. This is because the bulk of the book is organized by grape and by country, so say, if you are in a wine store or wine ordering site, in a few seconds you get to the page with that specific grape variety or country, and then from there in a few seconds you localize visually the main characteristics of that wine. Perfect. I can bring it even to the supermarket and based on it and along with vivino decide on wines I buy
The best book about wines I'm studying to get my level 2 in wines and spirits and honestly this is the best book I've found. My workplace gave me another book, but Wine Folly is definitely more complete and very well structured. It' s good for personal interests but amazing for professionals too. Highly recommended
Just what you need During the lockdown, we have got into virtual wine tasting. This book was recommended so my husband was given one for Father's Day. Really informative and our go-to book for all new wines!
A very enjoyable book - cheers A thoroughly enjoyable book though you may not read it from cover to cover. It’s not that kind of book. But it’s more than a reference book. I read all the way through to the sections on A-Z of wines and locations. From there onwards, whenever I have a quiet 10 mins, I dip in - choose a wine or choose a location. The infographics really do it for me. (I’m a graphic designer.) They alone represent a huge amount of work. Surely a labour of love.

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