Price Management: Strategy, Analysis, Decision, Implementation

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Price Management: Strategy, Analysis, Decision, Implementation

yazar Price Management: Strategy, Analysis, Decision, Implementation:Hermann Simon Martin Fassnacht

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must read on pricing Great book on pricing - I would even say this book should be the first thing to read for next pricing and revenue managers as well as anyone whose job involves taking price decisions irrelevant of the industry. Gives extensive basis on pricing basics. Comprehensive descriptions as well as summaries will provide good overview on the topic and calculations behind the concept will satisfy more mathematically savvy readers. The book is good starting point for everyone before going into industry specific pricing topics.
Most comprehensive pricing book available I had read Power Pricing and then followed with this book. Strongly recommend to anyone desiring to delve into pricing strategies.
Very comprehensive and expert treatment of pricing Practically all aspects of pricing are treated with many interesting case studies. The book should be an indispensable and valuable tool for all pricing practitioners. The book is very mathematically oriented which will not appeal to many price-setters and marketing types who are notoriously averse to that approach. Nevertheless, I can highly recommend this book. Parenthetically, I'm the author of "Pricing for Profit" which is being revised for publication under another title later this year.
The Best Pricing Book By far the most comprehensive and detailed book on pricing. The concepts covered are often highly useful for the practitioner and not found elsewhere. It is deeper than Power Pricing, and covers much of the same stories and explanations Confessions of The Pricing Man, with much more detail. Some sections get into formulas more than I would have liked, but between the detailed examples, the unique and long list of charts, and the solid explanations, this book and Monetizing Innovation are the two best I’ve found among all that are available on Amazon.
Well-written, comprehensive, full of useful examples A joy to read. Plenty of substance. Lots of useful examples. Especially i enjoyed the diversity and global nature of the examples / studies.

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