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In a narration of Imam Ahmad, Abu Dharr asked Prophet Muhammad, "O Messenger of Allah, how many are the prophets" He replied, "120,000 and between their number are 315 messengers." The Holy Quran mentions twenty-five of these messengers, namely: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, Zacharia, John (the Baptist), Idris (Enoch), Jonah, Hud, Shuayb, Salih, Lot, Ilyas, Ilyasa, Dhu 'l-Kifl, Jesus and Sayyidina Muhammad, peace be upon them all. These are the messengers of God who came with holy books containing the Divine Message. The others are prophets who received divine revelation but who were not ordered to deliver it to anyone; it was for them. By way of example, all of Jacob's sons were prophets, but Joseph was the only messenger from among them. Laboriously compiled from rare manuscripts, traditional Islamic texts, and other printed source material, including ahadith and athar and the many traditional books of history, and painstakingly translated from Ottoman Turkish to English, Lore of Light depicts the perfected, blessed character and refined manners that God bestowed on His blessed prophets and messengers. This illustrious work examines the lives of the prophets and messengers of God in great detail, heretofore unknown in English literature on their lives. It depicts the great lengths to which these holy figures went - at times losing life, suffering humiliation, torment and abuse from those who opposed them, often leaving their homes, always tolerant of their attackers and seeking peace - to guide the many peoples and nations of the world towards the light which God has sent throughout time for humankind's betterment and upliftment.

yazar Isik Ilmi:Hajjah Amina Adil

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Five Stars love it
Feeing blessed to be reading this book MashaAllah amazing book! All my unanswered childhood questions are getting answered. Feeling blessed to be reading this!
Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil (vol:1) I have only just read up to page 48, and I am completely enthralled. This book so far is so enlightening. I am beginning to understand, about creation. Pieces of the puzzle seem to be falling into place. Everything is explained so well,that I feel as if a door is opening for me. It is perhaps a doorway to self realization. I can look at people and know that we are one, and honor everyone I meet. I definitely recommend this book for everyone. When I bought the book, I thought it was only an account of the lives of Prophets and Messengers, but it is certainly much more.
An outstanding book This book is wonderfully written and very entertaining, going through all the lives of the early Prophets and the sometimes bizarre times they lived in. Very inspiring and informative.
Outstanding!!!! Mashallah an absolutely amazing piece of work. The author take the reader through a journey in which we find out the origins of our creation which follows with stories of the prophets and the trials and tribualtions which they suffered. May god reward u for ur hard work and efforts exhausted! Ameen

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