Forever and the Night

Isbn 10: 0425140601

Isbn 13: 978-0425140604

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Forever and the Night

As senator's aide Neely Wallace becomes closer to charming and reclusive millionaire Aidan Tremayne, she discovers the dark secret that Aidan has been living with for centuries: that he is a vampire. Original.

yazar:Linda Lael Miller
Isbn 10:0425140601
Isbn 13:978-0425140604
Boyutlar ve boyutlar:11.38 x 2.46 x 16.87 cm
Tarafından gönderildi Forever and the Night:1 Kasım 1993

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You'll never want to put these books down Have lost and bought to replace again, so great
Gotta Read It!!! I, originally, read this book approx 20 years ago. I've attempted to locate the entire series, after losing my copies, with success, finally, on Amazon. I would recommend this book, and the entire series, to anyone who enjoys any type of romance. Linda Lael Miller has made the vampire race believable and realistic. This book will make you think that there is a true possibility that these creatures exsist among us. I hope you enjoy this, and the others, as much as I do!
Can't Believe I Found This Book - It's An Old One Thanks for having some of the old books. Great Job!
Love this book Wonderful book. This was my first vampire story years ago, I have always found it better than interview with the vampire.
Great Series I have read this series 2 times, I love it and the Ms Miller she is new to me. I'm still buying more of hers.I would recommend this series to any romantic Vampire Lovers.I found it quite "steamy". We love the series. The books are so full of twists and turns! Sex and LOVE DRAMAS as well! 17++ !!

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